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Walking A Wild Road

It is not the destinination, but the journey, that is truly important.

Hello everyone! You might be able to tell I am a Xena fanatic *lol* but I also enjoy watching TV shows such as Charmed, The L Word, and I love cartoons, especially the oldies like Tom and Jerry, CatDog, Dexter's Lab. My greatest ambition in life is to write, mostly original fiction (my main dream in life is to be published at least once), and of the fiction that I write, it is mostly fantasy, with a little drama (I'm a sucker for angst) and there is ALWAYS a romance as side-plot driving the story (which is usually a lesbian romance). I love to chat with people who share this passion, and any critic on my writing is always, ALWAYS, welcome. You can never grow as an artist without a little help from friends. ;)


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i am a total geek
adam sandler, adventurequest, afterellen.com, alice/dana, alien apococalypse, army of darkness, b movies, battlestar galactica, betty, bruce campbell, but i'm a cheerleader, castle in the sky, cats, charmed, conqueror/slave, darkman, deftones, disney movies, extras, fanfiction, femmeslash, gabrielle/callisto, geek stuff, girl interrupted, harry potter, hetalia, horror movies, hot fuzz, hudson leick, imagine me and you, j.k. rowling, jenny schecter, jinx.com, kevin sorbo, kill bill, left 4 dead, lesbian movies, lord of the rings, lost and delirous, loveless, loving annabelle, lucy lawless, m/m slash, mia kirshner, milla jovovich, movie scores, movies with female leads, mugglecast, muse, music, nightwish, nintendo, online rpgs, otep, ozzy osbourne, panic! at the disco, peaches, photography, pink floyd, pirates of the carribbean, pixar, pokemon, princess mononoke, quentin tarantino, remus/sirius, resident evil, ricky gervais, ritsuka/soubi, rob tapert, sam raimi, saw movies, sci-fi, scrubs, shane/jenny, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, snow patrol, soul caliber, soul eater, spider-man, spirited away, star trek tng, studio ghibli, susanna/lisa, t.a.t.u., tegan and sara, terminator, the andy milonakis show, the cliks, the evil dead trilogy, the fifth element, the l word, the office (bbc version), three days grace, tibette, toy story, uh huh her, uma thurman, video games, voldo, weird al yankovich, within temptation, wolves, writing, writing original fiction, wwe, xbox 360, xena, xena online community, xena ubers, xena/callisto, xena/gabrielle, xmvs (xena music videos), zelda