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March 2012



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john, homestuck, karkat, john/karkat

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

What's the most-played song in your music library?
Has to be Rabbit In Your Headlights by UNKLE (or the remix by Radiohead) - I play it on repeat a lot while doing homework, chilling out on the internet, and mostly while going to sleep, it really helps me fall asleep. *patiently waits for iTunes to open* ...Yeah, the remix by Radiohead and DJ Shadow has 464 plays on iTunes (and even more that isn't counted on my iPod) everything else on the Top 25 Most Played doesn't even reach 100 play count haha.

While I am here, I might as well post a few links to some free and legal music I found on this awesome website: Jamendo

First off, the metal music :D

Sad Memories Part One: From Wrath To Pain by Scoldt

This is some REALLY good metal right here, and I have only listened to the first few tracks so far. If you like free (and kick-butt!) metal, then check these guys out, you won't be dissapointed.

It's Irrevelant by Predator

These guys are more punk than metal, but they are worth a good listen. Really good punk :)

The Butcher's Ballroom by Diablo Swing Orchestra

If you like a mix of different genres, then this band is for you. Supposedly metal, but with jazz and a whole lot of other stuff in between, this album is in a whole other ballgame. You will have to check it out on your own and decide by yourself whether it is for you.


Psydom Revolutions by Speedsound

Speedsound is an amazing techno group, and this is the first album I ever downloaded from the site (if I remember right). So get your butt down to the page and download this awesome album! :D And check out the group's other albums as well - you shouldn't be dissapointed.


Awesome! Thanks for the music recs :)
Wow that was a quick reply ^_^ And your welcome, always ready to share the music ;) Hope you like them! I'll be posting more recs later on, so keep an eye out. They will mostly be on my blog here: http://your-innergeek.blogspot.com so you should bookmark that as well *hinthintnudgenudge*
Ooh! I will check it out! :D Also, I've fallen in love with Jamendo.
I knew you would - it's an awesome site! More people should know about it!
Music recs for the win! I snagged that techno/trance one you've got up there, because I kinda love techno/trance. <3
Yay! Speedsound is amazing - you should get some more of their albums, they have plenty to choose from (around 100!) Atomic Cat is really good as well, I just didn't post it up there yet. They will be in the next rec post ;)
I will have to look all of that up! <3
Yeah, Jamendo has some really great techno music :P